and capturing extreme contrasts under the most adverse conditions – that is what makes Alexander Maria Lohmann‘s artistic work stand out and give his works their incredible power and depth. Lohmann captures moods, condenses them and places them in a new context. Fractures, contrasts and boundaries have always interested and accompanied him: personal blows of fate repeatedly brought the son of a photographer from Obergurgl in Tyrol to his own limits. Through these experiences he developed his very distinct outlook on situations and moments. Following jungle, desert and high mountains, Lohmann again crossed physical and psychological boundaries and embarked on a life-threatening journey in war-torn Syria. Unstable ruins, lurking snipers, constant military harassment and even the risk of the death penalty could not deter him. Lohmann uses various artistic techniques in order to break the documented brutality captured in these photographs and to make their deafening silence bearable. Corresponding subjects from Disneyland, over-painting and digital alienation generate bizarre contrasts and fascinating random effects.

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