Alexander Maria Lohmann

Extreme contrasts, captured in the here and now – this is the artistic essence of Alexander Maria Lohmann. For his art, he travels to remote, forbidding places and takes plenty of time to wait: for that one instant, that perfect moment. Lohmann preserves moods, condenses them and puts them into a new context. Subjects which could not be more different – such as pictures of metropolises and scenes from Africa’s wildlife – he weaves into fascinating new imageries. Using this very distinct perspective, he wishes to evoke emotions in the beholder and transcend internal boundaries. Photography was practically handed down to the photographer’s son from Obergurgl in Tyrol. Alexander Maria Lohmann’s photographic career, however, did not begin until a new start after having been a successful entrepreneur for 13 years. Discontinuity, contrasts and boundaries have intrigued and accompanied him: Private strokes of fate have repeatedly pushed him to his individual limits. Through those experiences, Lohmann developed his unique view to situations and moments. “My photographic art is like thinking in images. All my impressions from the journeys merge in it and become a unified whole.”