Alexander Maria Lohmann‘s pictures radiate a
curious, disturbing aesthetic. Taken in the midst of
chaos, they seem calm and peaceful only at first glance.
On closer inspection, everything that has happened here
reverberates in ghostly silence. Moments that go under
in the hustle and bustle on location are preserved
here for eternity and become overpowering over time.
The longer you look at them, the longer you listen, the
more deafeningly these pictures scream.
In order to render this screaming bearable, Lohmann has
to thwart the raw power of his photographs. He superimposes
sweeping brush strokes in corresponding colours,
thus clarifying the connections between the contrasts
in the pairs of pictures. By means of artistic alienation,
he unites the tangible with the abstract and
creates something entirely novel from these opposites.
The unexpected effects of this „navigated randomness“
make each and every work in this series unique.

screaming silence II 2019 - 07
disneyland paris & homs, syria, leica q2
screaming silence II 2019 - 48
disneyland paris & leica q2